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In 2011, the CNEM entrusted the Centre National de la Danse's media library (National Centre for Dance – Pantin, Paris region) with its archives. They are available for on-site consultation on demand.

We are working on making these documents available online gradually.

The documents with an asterisk (*) are available for download.

Our resources, presented here in 4 categories:



* La Relève de Jacqueline Challet-Haas, 2021

By Noëlle SIMONET, in collaboration with Raphaël COTTIN et Vincent LENFANT (34 pages – French version), paper about Noëlle Simonet's teaching at the Conservatoire of Paris after Jacqueline Challet-Haas, from the late '90s to 2021, presented at the CNEM general meeting on 17th November 2021 via video conference from Paris, France. Download.

* Les Mouvements du haut du corps (Upper Body Movements), 2021

by Raphaël COTTIN, in collaboration with Noëlle SIMONET (20 pages – French version), technical paper presented at the Rencontres du CNEM on 13th November 2021 at the Centre National de la Danse – Pantin, France. Download.

* Principales règles et pratiques KIN différentes des règles et pratiques LAB, 1999 / révisions 2020

by Jacqueline CHALLET-HAAS (36 pages – French version), technical paper presented in English at the 21st ICKL Conference in July 1999 at the Institut del Teatre - Diputació de Barcelona, Spain. Download.

* Principal KIN usages and rules, differing from LAB usages and rules, 1999 / revised in 2020

by Jacqueline CHALLET-HAAS (36 pages - English version), technical paper presented during the 21st ICKL Conference in July 1999

at Institut del Teatre - Diputació de Barcelona, Spain.​ Download.

* Symbols for graphics softwares

Graphics by Raphaël COTTIN to use in a vector graphics software (Adobe Illustrator® or the free software Inkscape for instance).

Contact us for any problem! UPDATED ON JANUARY 2023.

  • All the symbols on one page, .ai format. Download.

  • All the symbols on one page, .pdf format. Download.

  • Libraries to include in your tree with the Illustrator® library files:

    • Space measurement signs: Download.

    • Body signs: Download the simple library and the detailed library.

    • Area signs: Download.

    • Other various signs (pins, preliminary signs, dynamic signs, etc.): Download.

  • Empty staff and outside-of-the-artboard stretchable signs: Download in vertical format or in horizontal format​.



* Répertoire des pas de la danse classique, 1987

(59 pages), addition to Terminologie de la Danse Classique, J. Challet-Haas, Amphora, Paris 1987.​​ Download.

Exercices au sol, 1983

extract from La danse, les principes de son enseignement aux enfants, by J. Challet-Haas, Amphora, Paris 1983.

Enchaînements de cours d’Atty Chadinoff, 1976

(15 pages)

Exercices de Jazz de Walter Nicks, 1973

(8 pages)

* Sélection d’Exercices de barre de Boris Trailine, 1966

(10 pages, 7 pages of kinetograms) Download.

Enchaînements au sol d’Atty Chadinoff, 1964

(25 pages)




Choreography by Albert Aveline / Cléopâtre variation; "Miroir" variation; Phryné variation

* La Belle au Bois Dormant

Choreography by Marius Petipa / L'Oiseau Bleu female variation. Download.

* Giselle

Choreography after Coralli restaged by Gilbert Canova / Giselle variation, Act I. Download ; Les Amies de Giselle, Act I. Download.

* Les Sylphides

Choreography by Michel Fokine / La Valse. Download.



Dances from various regions of France; European dances
Folklore 1 – Alsace, Lorraine, Berry, Poitou

(49 pages, with music notation)

* Danse du marais nord vendéen : le quadrille de Bouin

(12 pages, 10 pages of kinetograms) Download.

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